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Welcome to the NES Wiki

NESing, the act of playing a Never Ending Story (NES) is an evolution of a forum activity that occurred on the websites of Civilization Fanatics Center and Apolyton, and has since spread into Strategic Command Center. Starting out as a story and occasionally trending towards game-like traits, it has grown into something of a hybrid between a game and a story, or perhaps a mixture of role-playing and strategy. Its massive adaptability has led to it extreme diversity, and thus it lacks a simple, concise categorization as a story or a game.

The sheer size of the community (upwards of 50-60 members) has led to a consistent subculture of the site. It is in fact large enough that some NESers have a certain degree of fame or notoriety, despite the large number of NESes the various communities have accrued. Though a quirky group of people, it is thriving nonetheless, and still going strong despite many of the original founders leaving and moving on with their lives - in fact, strongly enough to warrant its own IRC Channel.

If you're just getting started, please view the Community Portal for helpful information. It is recommended you create an account for easy identification when editing pages.

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