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The Never Ending Story (NES) is a form of internet game played at the CFC and Apolyton which typically involves the operation of nations by players (NESers), with or without the assistance of a Moderator.


NES History

Information on history here; perhaps in CFC and Apolyton sections.

NES Types

Several NES game types have been developed since the early inception of the idea of NESing at CFC and Apolyton.

Althistorical NES

An althistorical NES is an application of the concept of alternate history to NESing. In the creation of an alternate history, an author considers how history would have diverged from the real world timeline (OTL) if an event at the point of divergence (PoD) had been altered, resulting in an alternate timeline (ATL). In NESing, it is typical for an author to continue the timeline to a point in time with an interesting global dynamic and make the timeline available to the NESing community or mod it. An althistorical NES is similar to a Historical NES in that players take charge of already-existing nations, but easier to mod since no factual reference for nation statistics is required—statistics are usually generated by supposition or common sense. Although althistorical NESes are among their oldest form of NES, their popularity at CFC is generally attributed to das.

Board NES

A Board NES is the result of an attempt to resolve disputes which arose during the prosecution of CFC Story NESes by precise definition of player actions. Stories play no substantial role in a Board NES, which usually features rigid economic and military systems and statistics and involves precise movement of forces through specific, defined provinces on a map. Although NESers like uknemesis had a role in the formation of this genre, RoddyVR took one of the leading roles in its development, and is one of the few NESers to practice it to this day.

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