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NESing, the act of participating in Never Ending Stories, is the internet game developed in the Stories and Tales forum of Civilization Fanatics Center, initially developed by the venerable uknemesis. They were stories which never ended, theoretically. Naturally, the first NES only reached about a hundred posts long, but that was long in those days, and it must have seemed like it would never end.

Due to the fact that these NESes were stories, they had a rather limited appeal. Not everyone had the time to invest in the art of crafting beautiful, lengthy stories. Fewer still could manage to do it while cooperating with someone else who might have been writing stories about destroying the subject of your stories. Therefore, the Mod was introduced. This early Mod, in short, was the person that started and ran the NES. He or she updated the map and kept the style consistent. (S)he also decided disputes between players. Much later on, a few other functions were added, but for the early NESes, this was it.

With the advent of a few crucial users coming online, however, such as das, the NES was transformed. Taking cues from board games, these users changed the NESes into something radically new. They introduced statistics on the nations, which were basically long lists of vital statistics about the nation, shorthanded "stats". These stats would depict the relative strength of the nation, and thus, the mod had something to go off of when deciding disputes.

Also among the various evolutions came the update. These were summaries of what had happened during a single turn of the NES, written by the mod - a long story, mostly, which told the players exactly what happened in the NES during that turn. Accompanying them were changes on the map as well as stat changes, all done by the mod.

And thus, enter the modern NES. A fearsome beast outfitted with new hardware and with vicious destructive capabilities, the modern NES is something of a cross between a story, a vast strategy game, and a political simulator. Some treat it more as a story, some more as a game, some more as a simulator, but the differences in opinion are usually harmonized by the mods so that a modern NES has appeal to a vast array of people.

Of course, NESing has split into many types from its humble origins, including the original Pure Story NES, the more rule-based Board NES, the classic World Map Fresh Start, the Historical NES and often-related Regional Map NES and the newer Althistorical NES and Random Map Fresh Start (Plus its close relative, the Cradle NES.

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