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The NES community has an IRC channel, #NES, founded by MjM. Channel statistics are available. These stats are due to the courtesy of Digi, a friend of LightFang's. Stats are recorded by the resident bot, Valence.



Note - These rules are not permanent yet and therefore you cannot quote this section for your "Concrete Details". There rules are bound to change as of November 13, 2006.

1. Try not to argue with the ops about channel issues. You may not like the ops, but then, you won't get bad things happening to you.

2. You are entitled to at least one warning if you cause trouble and anything further shall be evaluated with the ops on a case by case basis. "Causing trouble" is up to the ops to define.

3. If you have a problem that warrants discussion, talk with one of the ops. They're op for a reason.

4. IRC Bots: No, unless approved.

5. The ops have final say over rules and guidelines, so what they say is what you listen to.


1. Basic "netiquette" is nice. Type out full words, no spamming, don't type in all caps nor with alternating caps, etc.

2. Ranting is to be kept at a minimum. If it gets annoying, it will be cut off.

3. Don't come in just to plug your NES (or your site, for that matter).

4. It'd be nice to keep things PG-13 or under. If you don't know the American rating system, this means that it is best to avoid poeroi CRM now, nudity, excessive swearing, and pretty much "adult" things.

5. Ops make people feel welcome, so play nice to make that job easier.

6. Don't feed the trolls.

Chat Op Expectations

1. The current admin is MjM. The current ops are Erik Mesoy and LightFang.

2. The ops have two jobs.

a. They make people feel welcome to the chat.

b. They keep things orderly.

3. They don't babysit, so be mature. Make this job easier and please don't cause trouble.

How to Join

There are several ways to connect to the chat room, but the preferred way is by using an IRC client. There are numerous clients one may use to join the channel. Below are just a few recommendations.

The simplest way is to follow the link

  • Windows

mIRC - A good all around client. Notice that it claims one must buy the software after the trial period is over. This is just a scare tactic and it is not necessary to purchase any software.

XChat - A competitor of mIRC.

  • Mac OS X

Colloquy - Intel Compatible

Conversation - PPC Only

XChat Aqua - PPC Only

Connecting: You will want to connect to the server You will then want to join the channel titled #NES. You will most likely be able to do this by typing in "/join #nes".

Or, if your client supports it, just connect with this link. This will open up any IRC clients integrated with your web browser - Firefox has Chatzilla and Opera includes one as well. If you have mIRC, you should also be able to connect in this way.

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